Vitalpina Hotel in the Dolomites

The Vitalpina philosophy: live the mountain experience!

Vitalpina Respira (Vitalpina Breathes)

More than just inhaling and exhaling: a look into ourselves!

“Vitalpina Respira” is the name of a carefully designed breathing programme, with special advice for achieving your daily dose of extra vitality. Breathing keeps us alive. Small exercises with big results throughout the day will help you tap into unexpected inner resources. Discover the potential inside you, during your spa and wellness holiday at Sesto

Vitalpina BreathesVitalpina Breathes

Vitalpina: The Power of Plants

More than feeling well: sustainability!

About 130 different plant species grow in an unspoiled mountain pasture in Alto Adige. These include wild herbs, which have played an important role in traditional healing and medicine over the centuries. The four Vitalpina herbs are: yarrow, thyme, lady’s mantle and nettle.

Natural productsVitalpina power

The Vitalpina concept of smell

More than aromatherapy: joie de vivre!

Wellbeing involves your sense of smell. Natural scents encourage deep breathing and have a harmonising effect on the whole body. Perfumes and odours have direct access to the limbic system, to the very seat of your hormones and emotions. At the 4*Monte Croce in Sesto, your Vitalpina hosts will contribute to your wellbeing with an expert use of aromas from the natural environment.

The Vitalpina concept of smellMore than aromatherapy

Vitalpina Water

More than just pure spring water: the very elixir of long life!

We are really fortunate, because the mountains of Alto Adige supply us with a very precious treasure: pure fresh water! The opportunity to drink pure mountain water is not just a pleasure, it is almost a luxury. As Vitalpina hoteliers, we are extremely grateful for this water, and we warmly recommend you to enjoy its benefits after your day’s activities.

Pure spring waterVitalpina Water

Climate Neutrality Alliance

Everything we do, how we do business, how we commute, how we construct, etc., causes greenhouse gases. CO2 together with other greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming and climate change. It is in our hands to reduce CO2 emissions and become active regarding climate change. The Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 is a network of companies and organisations that are committed to climate protection. The shared mission is to make an active contribution to the 1.5 degree Celsius target of the Paris Climate Agreement. For this purpose, all alliance members offset their corporate activities which means they reduce their CO2 emissions to a minimum and offset the non-avoidable emissions.


Climate Neutrality AllianceClimate Neutrality