Your 4 star hotel in the Dolomites

The world’s brightest rock cathedrals

The Dolomites are considered one of the world’s most imposing mountain ranges. Thanks to their great beauty, their unique landscape and their geological significance, they were awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2009.


The deep impression these mountains make is underlined by a particular natural phenomenon. The special composition of dolomite makes the walls of rock react to light in a unique way: at dawn and sunset, they take on a warm glow, with shades of red, orange and violet, while under the midday sun they become pale and almost indistinct. At dusk, on the other hand, they look cold and almost ghostly: hence their name, the “pale mountains”. We consider ourselves very lucky to live amongst these majestic mountains. The Monte Croce Hotel in the Dolomites is the ideal place for your hiking holiday in Alta Pusteria, but also a great location for a skiing holiday near Sesto.

Skiing in the DolomitesThree peaks in winter