4=3 with a minumum stay of 4 days 1 day free
valid from 30.05. till 18.07.2021
Happy Family Wochen im Sommer

Available the hole summer 
for supplement € 200 per person   

Escursions & vie ferrate

Kids unter 8 years free 
valid from 30.05. till 08.08.2021

Happy Family weeks

Comfortable apartements 50 - 58 m2 for 2 - 5 person 
2 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, living room with kitchen corner 

In middle of nature  
Spring special

Defination of your own direction, taking decisions and realizzing   
from 26.09. al 03.10.2020

5 Zen tours 
South Tyrol Balance

That's live, that's action, that's Monte Croce
safe the date from 2nd to 7th october 2021

Stoneman Days


Trail in front of the hotel
Valid the hole summer 2021

skiing in the dolomites

40° Kreuzberg Posche Event  
From 06th till 10st October 2021